If you want something cold, sweet and delicious, this stuff is so good there’s not even words for…

What is cool for this kind of dessert is that it can be prepared two weeks before and kept in the freezer, also it is perfect for those who don’t like to heat the oven during summer, sounds GOOD! 

Let’s just keep it delicious, sweet, and icy cold with FROZEN STRAWBERRY PIE! 

Honestly, there is nothing I love than easy lazy recipes, and I suspect you do too… Don’t worry about that because I’m here today to show you guys how to make the best crunchy layer with the easy way, that’ll make you wanna lick your plate and ask for more! 

So let’s  just get right into it !

Here’s the INGREDIENTS you’ll need :

Three cups of graham cracker crumbs

One melted stick of butter

Eight ounce of softened cream cheese

Six Tbsp of refined sugar 

One cup of chopped strawberries

One Tsp of Vanilla

Half cup of powdered sugar

One can of sweetened condensed milk (14 ounce)

One cup of heavy cream

Two and half cups of whole strawberries


Step1 :

Start with combining graham cracker crumbs or any cookie you prefer, butter and sugar in a bowl, then pour your mixture in a 9 x 13 baking pan (buttered), and set the rest aside.

In a blender put the whole strawberries and mix for two minutes until become creamy and smooth.

Step 2 :

Mix alone one cup of heavy whipped cream for 4min until creamy and stiff peaks form, start low for 1minutes and maintain high speed for 4 minutes.

In another large saucepan combine  cream cheese and powdered sugar then put condensed milk, mashed strawberries and vanilla. Beat on high until light and fluffy.

Step 3 :

When adding the whipped cream to the strawberries mixture, fold in gently fresh chopped strawberries on the top layer, with sprinkling pureed graham cracker layer.

Leave in the freezer at least 5hours. There is no need to take this out of the freezer early to serve. It is soft and ready to go right from the freezer and also melts quickly.

So.. Eat up right away !

First we’re going to start with our graham cracker crumbs in a medium dish combine it with a stick of butter as well and some sugar and a pinch of salt

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