Cucumber and Tomato Salad


How To Make Cucumber and Tomato Salad?

Tomato Cucumber Salad is a light and delicious salad that is packed with fresh flavor. It’s quick and easy to prepare, with a vibrant herb dressing. This salad is like a blast of sunshine on a platter!

When I’m in the need of fresh cuisine, this salad is one of the few things that will please my taste senses. It’s fresh, crisp, and bursting with garden-fresh deliciousness. I’ve been thinking about fresh vegetables the last several weeks since it feels as if this winter has been unusually lengthy. Perhaps I should phrase it differently. It’s been chilly, wet, snowy, and downright miserable on certain days. That is why I needed to devise a few dishes to cheer me up and give me a little pep in my step.

When it comes to assembling this salad, the dressing is critical. I dislike salads that are excessively prepared with a thick, gloppy dressing that obscures all the lovely, fresh components. That is why blending together a few basic pantry items is the BEST approach to create a superb salad finish. To bring all the tastes together, I use extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, dried herbs, a sprinkle of honey, and just the perfect amount of salt and pepper. It’s a magnificent thing! This salad demonstrates that you can add a little touch of summer into your life at any time of year.

A pint fro tomato berries, I cut them into halves.

One large cucumber, I sliced into thin slices.

One sliced medium onion.


Half a Cup.Of olive oil.

1/4 Cup.Of wine vinegar.

A large spoon.Of lemon juice.

A small spoon.Of white sugar.

A small spoon.Of Italian seasonings.

2 minced garlic cloves.

Cracked pepper, I used half a small spoon.

Salt, to taste.


1St Step:

In a large mixing bowl, I combined the halved tomatoes with sliced cucumbers, and onions slices, and put them aside.

2Nd Step:

To make the dressing, I mixed the olive oil with balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, granulated sugar, Italian seasoning, minced garlic, salt, and cracked pepper in a mixing cup or small basin.

3Rd Step:

And using a whisk, thoroughly I mixed the ingredients well; the dressing should be poured over the tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions.

4Th Step:

At this step, I tossed everything together and served it immediately, or I kept it refrigerated, covered, for up to 2 days.


If you are preparing the salad ahead of time, use half of the dressing to toss the salad and save the other half to put in later.
Well, this is how to make this easy refreshing salad, I hope that it will please you, and remember to share it with your friends!!!
Enjoy it!

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