Okay, this isn’t just a normal lemon pie.
It’s a lemon sunshine dessert, and it’s for those who are just too lazy to make pies. I swear what comes out of the oven is nothing short of springy, custardy, plain lemon magic, thanks to eggs, butter, sugar, and practically a LEMON buzzed up in the blender and baked in a pie crust.

My grandmother passed away a few years ago, but she used to name this Arizona Blender Lemon Pie because she had lemon trees in her Arizona backyard, as you can remember if you’ve been a long long long time reader, and she liked lemon desserts, as I’ll remind you by referring you to one of my first ever POY recipes. My grandma had a particular fondness for getting people together around food, despite the fact that she had little time for something fancy or fussy. This recipe is undeniably hers. There you have it: fresh Arizona lemons, a mixer, and a pre-made pie crust. On the table, you have a quick and lovely dessert.

This recipe is written in her handwriting on a little notecard that I have. Simply… the greatest.


Lemons, I used two medium-sized.

4 eggs, large-sized.

½ Cup.Of melted butter.

1 small spoons.Of vanilla extract.

1½ Cups.Of granulated white sugar.

An unbaked medium pie crust, I used the 9-inches crust.

To prepare the topping, I used:

1 Cup.Of whipping cream.

2 large spoons.Of granulated white sugar.
But it’s optional.


Step 1:

I started the preparation by removing the frozen pie crust from the fridge, sometimes when I had enough time, I produced my own.

Step 2:

Next, I simply placed it on a baking sheet due to the metal pan’s fragility; note: if using a glass pie plate, this step is unnecessary.

Step 3:

Then, immediately I heated the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4:

Following that, I washed the lemon and cut it up, and removed all the seeds but I ket the peels, they give it more flavor, and I stick it in a high-powered blender.

Step 5:

And, I combined the eggs, with melted butter, I added in the vanilla extract, and granulated white sugar in a blender until creamy.

Step 6:

Then, into the pie crust, I poured the mixture in, and baked it for approximately 40 minutes.

Step 7:

And once cooked, I let my pie cooled and chilled in the refrigerator while I made the topping.

To make the topping, follow these steps:

Step 1:

I beat the whipping cream in a medium bowl, and while beating I added the granulated sugar, and keep beating until peaks form.

Step 2:

Then, I sliced the pie and served it chilled with whipped cream on top, it’s better served chilled but if you want you can serve it warm.

This quick lemony pie is one of the best pies you can ever try, firstly it’s so easy to make and you only need basic ingredients, secondly, everyone falls in love with this great pie from the first bit!!! please once you make this delightful pie don’t forget to share your opinion about it in the comments below!

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