Lazy Day Oatmeal Cake


How To Make Lazy Day Oatmeal Cake?

You already know we have an insatiable sweet tooth and enjoy experimenting with new desserts and confections to satisfy our cravings. Although most of our cakes start with a basic flour, baking soda, and salt foundation, as well as a combination of butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla, this lazy day oatmeal cake is a little different… The flour is supplemented with rolled oats that have been soaked in boiling water, adding a moist, healthy feature that renders our cake perfectly chewy and delicious.

Oats combine with the other ingredients to make this dessert denser but provide just the right finishing touch. If you want to look in your pantry and discover that you haven’t made something that includes oats lately, go ahead and make this. It’s surprisingly nutritious and delicious.

We can advise you that this cake can come out looking good and smooth, or it can come out looking wonky with a nice dome in the center. If perfection is essential to you, level the cake before applying the icing, but if you want a more rustic look, leave it alone. There is no ‘wrong way to make this delicious cake as long as you at least try it.


250 grams.Of oatmeal.

Milk, I used 250 ml.

Vegetable oil, I used 15 cl.

Powdered sugar; 100 grams.

One vanilla sugar sachet.

2 medium-sized eggs.

2 small spoons.Of baking soda.

A little pinch of salt.


Step 1:

I started by beating canola oil, with 100 grams.Of powdered sugar in a large mixing bowl.

Step 2:

Next, I added two medium eggs, and I beat again using an electric mixer until creamy.

Step 3:

After that, I added the 25o grams of oatmeal to the bowl, with 2 small spoons of baking soda, salt; just a pinch was enough, I beat again until all ingredients were incorporated.

Step 4:

At this step, it was the milk turn, I added 250 ml to the mixture, and mixed again to integrate the milk with other ingredients.

Step 5:

I poured the mixture into the mold and baked it for 30 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

Step 6:

If you want, you can add dried fruits, dried apricots, chopped almonds…etc. Just be creative and use what you like.

To enjoy this oatmeal cake, you should let it cool for at least 3 hours, then you can serve it with a warm cup of coffee and enjoy your evening!!

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