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Grilled corn on the cob slathered in creamy, cheesy goodness that is so irresistible is Elote or Mexican street corn! If you never had it before, you’re going to wonder how you’ve ever existed without it!
This is not the traditional Mexican street corn mayonnaise and butter that is seen these days all over Facebook. You’ll forget about every other Mexican Street Corn dish you’ve ever tried. This Elote is so tasty. Uh, believe me!
I think of our journey to Mexico and all the wonderful food that we enjoyed when we were there! Elote was meant to die for it! I should seriously consume it with every meal! And it’s too easy to do it right at home.
I have listed most of the ingredients that you’re going to need for this meal, so let’s take a deeper look at them. Some of them could be beyond your comfort zone, but there’s no need to think about them! I know that it might seem a little too adventurous to try ingredients from other countries, particularly if you don’t really cook, but I promise these nine ingredients are important for the best elote you’ll ever have!


4 ears of corn, I removed the peels and all threads.

1/4 C.Of Mexican cream.

1/4 C.Of mayonnaise.

1/4 small spoon.Of garlic powder.

1/4 small spoon.Of onion powder.

1/8 small spoon. ground chili powder.

1/8 small spoon.Of sea salt.

I used the juice of a medium lemon.

2 small spoons.Of chopped coriander.

Sometimes I like to add some Additions to my Mexican Street Corn, for example:

Crumbled cottage cheese.

Chopped Coriander.

Chili powder.


Step 1:

I removed the corn from the husk and the silk, and I preheated the grill.

Step 2:

Then, I placed the corn kernels on the grill and I cooked for 3 minutes, then I switch the corn on the other side to finish cooking.

Step 3:

I held it until all sides are done, and I heated the skillet over medium heat, adding a little olive oil, around 1 teaspoon when I’m using a frying pan.

Step 4 :

Then, I added the corn and cooked for 3 minutes, then transferred the other sides of the corns to finish cooking, and I keep holding it until all sides are done!!!

Step 5:

When I cooked the corn, meanwhile I prepared the sauce; In a shallow bowl, I incorporated the Mexican cream with the mayonnaise, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, sea salt, lemon juice, and sliced cilantro, and I blended until all combined.

Step 6:

Afterward, I placed it on a plate until the corn is ripe, and I brushed or sprayed the sauce over the whole slice of corn.

Step 7:

And finally, I applied the Cotija (or queso-fresco), for the toppings you can use your preference; cilantro, chili powder, extra lemon juice…etc.


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