Our Copycat Ding Dong Cake takes you back to your childhood right away! Rich, decadent chocolate cake mix, wrapped in chocolate ganache and layered with a fluffy filling. A terrific cake mix hack that you’ll be obsessed with fast!
You will flip over this chocolatey, cream-filled, Ding Dong Cake, whether you loved Hostess Ding Dongs as a child, or you just love a fine, homemade chocolate cake recipe!


Chocolate cake mix, I used one box.

A box Of cool whip.

A Pkg.Of softened cream cheese.

3 Cups.Of confectioner sugar.

1 soft stick Of margarine.

1 container Of ready to use chocolate icing.

2 tablespoons.Of milk.


Step 1:

I prepared the cake in a 9-13 pan as directed in the box. When done, I leave it to cool for 15 minutes.

Step 2:

Then I put it on the cooling shelf, and I put one half back in the bottom of the pan when cooled cut it in half,

Step 3:

To make the icing. I mixed using my stand mixer softened cream cheese, with 3 cups of powdered sugar and one stick of softened margarine. I added the cool whip, too.

Step 4:

I spread the mixture on the cake layer in the pan and I added another layer on top of it.

Step 5:

After that, I mixed the ready to use chocolate icing with two tablespoons of milk, I always prefer to use almond milk, and I stir up very well until combined.

Step 6:

And I spread it too on the cake layer, then I stored the cake in the fridge until serving.

You’re going to love this cake, whether you’ve loved Ding Dongs as a snack too, or you’re just a fan of all things chocolate and want to try a nice dessert recipe. It’s so tasty and it tastes almost as amazing as it did all those Ding Dongs years ago.

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