At dinner time with the family, or while feeding a crowd at a party, oven-baked tacos are still a treat. The crisp taco shells are filled with cheese and our favorite cooked ground beef taco meat. The cheese is melted and then baked in the shells.
One of our favorite taco recipes is this! Baking these meat & cheese shells helps hold it all together, which means more tasty food in the mouth and less on the lap! Add and eat your favorite toppings!


950 gr.Of ground beef

12 soft flour tortillas.

A medium can. Of refried beans

A medium can. Of tomato sauce

One packet.Of taco seasoning

Shredded cheese


The first step:

In a large pan, I brown the ground beef. I drained all the grease carefully and I added it to the skillet.

The second step:

I added refried beans, taco seasoning, and about half to two-thirds of the tomato sauce over low heat.

The third step:

I blended well and scoop into the tacos, which is a thinly greased casserole type dish that should be standing.

The fourth step:

Then I sprinkle over the top the cheese and I baked in the oven, I guess I did it for about 10 minutes at 375 degrees.
Without a generous selection of toppings to choose from, tacos will just not be the same. Top all of the tacos right in the pan at once, which makes serving quick! Build a taco bar if you’d like, then let everyone select their favorite toppings. So You can add what you want to your tacos, then serve them!



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