Pineapple Upside-Down Cake


It’s the perfect simple Pineapple Upside-Down Cake from scratch! Made with a smooth, fluffy, and simple cake of vanilla that uses only the most basic ingredients and a good topping of caramelized pineapple.
This classic recipe is designed to be a staple in your baking arsenal. It’s quick to plan, even for beginners, and you’ve got rave reviews!


How To Make Pineapple Upside-Down Cake?


I used a can. Of sliced pineapple, but you can use fresh pineapple if you have it.

3 whole eggs.

3/4 c.Of regular sugar.

3/4 c.Of milk.

1/2 c.Of cake flour

100g.Of soft butter.

2 tsp.Of baking powder.

1/2 tsp.Of vanilla extract.


Step 1:

To make burnt sugar, I put white sugar on the fire in a medium saucepan until it melts, and I added the water with a little bit of butter to the amount of a cup of coffee, then I stir for 6 mins, and I turned off the fire.

Step 2:

To make a cake, I placed the soft butter and sugar in an electric mixer, I added eggs, one by one, and I added the cake flour and milk.

Step 3:

To keep the cake from sticking, I greased the sides of the mold with butter and dust them with flour. I added the burnt sugar and the slices of pineapple with juice, then I spread over them the cake’s batter.

Step 4:

I put the mold into a preheated oven to 180 degrees Celcius, and I baked for at least 35 minutes, The last time I prepared it, it takes 40 minutes.

Step 5:

I removed the mold from the oven, and let the mold cool down.

Step 6:

After that my Upside-Down Cake with pineapple was ready to serve.


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